Contracting Engineering Materials.

One major issue for both new and restructuring airlines is getting the right teams in place quickly. Essential to this is ensuring a balance of cost and experience that works for the company, particularly at a time when growth or renewal is taking shape.

In an effort to assist airlines quickly and efficiently, C-MROS can offer to supply this function acting as your materials teams and working to your best interests to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.

Our experienced teams can assist with repair management, procurement and contract administration working to a culture of best available service for best price. We can assist in initial set up of contracts, contract renewal, repair cycle management, inventory management and initial provisioning.

Teams can be supplied at a fixed price on a fixed term contract basis, with room to increase or reduce teams at short notice without the overhead of employing personnel directly. We can work alongside existing teams or as your engineering material department under the supervision of you engineering manager or technical director.

A simple quick and cost effective way of introducing a new experienced team to the airline for short or long term material support, bringing fresh ideas, new direction and enthusiasm to the airline.