MRO’s are under constant financial pressures, often squeezed on all sides from Manufacturers and parts suppliers, to customers (Airline and Sales), making it difficult to increase revenues, making the slide into non-profit all too easy. C-MROS looks to appraise the entire business, initially focusing on revenue and spend with a view to making some quick initial cost savings and where possible widening profit margins. Following the initial review, a more detailed top down assessment takes place, looking at where the company best fits within the sector, and any specific areas of excellence that can be built around. Simultaneously we would look to cutaway systems, services and capabilities that are uncompetitive, undesirable or obsolete.

Once these actions are completed, we work to support teams in strengthening procedures and culture around the new strategy, revitalising the business and offering a clear message to the customers as to direction and quality.

If required we can help to find new investment for the business, or new ownership if required.


With new competition on all sides it can be difficult for MRO’s to strive for competitive edge. To meet these challenges MRO’s require firm direction and purpose to stand apart from their competitors. Too many try to be all things to all men, rather than understanding what they are good at and placing most of their efforts in that area. We will assist identify areas of excellence and facilitate market placement as part of an overall review of direction and strategic approach. We can assist companies to revise company objectives, which in most instances will require them to remodel and possibly resize organizational structures. We support the management and the operational entities to design the necessary organizational structure which is best suited to meet the strategic targets. We know that employees need orientation in such a process and our team is well experienced help through these changes.


Any business must have firm objectives, and understand where in the market their product should be placed. This in turn requires strategic guidelines and goals as these serve the long-term orientation and are the basis for development. With the market always on the move and being influenced by various external factors, our emphasis is on a clearly focused strategy. This strategy is based on the fundamental understanding of customer requirements, market development, analysis of competitors and the influence of all factors regarding future developments.

Our consultants can help guide your team to find answers to the key strategic questions: What will customers want? How will we survive? In those sessions we will also challenge your understanding of the relationship between your organisational resource and the core competencies you need to deploy your strategy. If necessary one of our advisors can help you identify the projects you need, establish a Program Office and train your staff to get the results you need.

We will find the right positioning and suitable strategy for you. The goal is to establish a future-proof, sustainable, competitive marketing advantage over your competitors.

Sales, Distribution and Pricing

C-MROS will review and evaluate the sales strategy with a view to optimise your sales volume whilst reducing your costs. The systematic appraisal of your direct and indirect sales activities, analysis of the cost structure, the process efficiency and sales volume generation will all be scrutinised as part of a structural review project. Working with your sales group, we will assist them to work to defined processes to further improve efficiencies within the organisation. We provide guidance in setting-up tenders and in evaluating the respective proposals for IT systems to get the best from your suppliers and systems.

Enhancing cooperation between all relevant departments, our objective is the organisation of all information in connection with sales management and pricing giving clarity and direction, whilst establishing the application of required control mechanisms.

Information Technology

IT is an essential part of the business and ensuring you have systems that meet the businesses need are essential. For engineering and warehousing technological enhancements have been the driving factor for improving MRO’s operational efficiency. MRO’s have been able to reduce costs and improve operations by using advanced web-based distribution systems, mobile technology with seamless integration with their customers systems, offering live information and reducing the burden of administration on both parties. The technology has created better connectivity and has enhanced the ability of engineers to complete work in an efficient paperless environment and simultaneously enable the customer to see live information from the MRO.

C-MROS will help you to better understand the options open to you, evaluate and make recommendations before overseeing implementation in conjunction with stakeholders within the company

Quick Overview

Having extensive experience within MRO we can assist in multiple areas, from strategy and restructuring, to logistics and cost reductions.

  • Forward Strategy and Planning
  • Increased efficiency and restructuring
  • Workflow, time and motion studies
  • Supply chain and logistics review
  • Alternative supply options and cost reductions
  • Component reliability improvement
  • Capability review, rationalisation and direction
  • Mutually beneficial sector cooperation
  • ERP review and implementation
  • Location and supply of equipment and services
  • Contract review services
  • Locating investors / buyers.