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C-mros group general overview

Aircraft Coverage Boeing B737, B747, B757, B767, Airbus A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, BAe 146, ATR 42, 72, (HS125 / Citation)

Workshop Disciplines: Instruments, Radio, Radar, Electrical Systems, Generation, Hydraulics, Actuation, Oxygen, Extinguishers, Safety Equipment, Landing Gear Components, Fuel Components, Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Pneumatics, Composites, Sheet Metal, Structures, Airstairs, Flying Surfaces (Flaps, Slats, Spoilers, Stabilisers, Fairings, Cowlings, Winglets, Windows, Doors, Radomes, Hatches etc), Interiors (Seats, Sidewalls, Floor Boards, Crew / Passenger Seats, Interior Panels, Stowages, Hatbins, Trolleys, Galleys etc) Flight Controls, Machining and Plating.

Engineering/Maintenance: On Wing Repairs, Carpet Changes, Interior Inspection and Pick-Ups, Complete Interior Overhaul, Flying Hour / Power by Hour Contract Evaluation, Fixed Price and NTE Pricing Agreements, BER Avoidance Programs.

Added Value: Engine / APU Brokerage - Large Commercial Fans / Turbo Prop / APU’s, Source and Supply - Engine Component, Brokerage / Management / Source and Supply, Complete Aircraft Interior Refurbishment with collection and redelivery.

It's in everybody's interest to keep quality and service at a premium whilst keeping prices at a minimum.