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Group News


IMT Aviation complete purchase of ACES in Prestwick, and now are able to offer FAA an EASA release, and an additional 35,000 square foot of workshop space.


C-MROS Group experience influx of sales and further expansion of capability

July 2013

IMT Aviation take a step closer to FAA approval, with the possibility of obtaining approval as early as September 2013.

June 2013

IMT Aviation see dramatic increase in business, with five new airline customers, and negotiation with two european airlines on LTA's for Nacelles, and Radomes.


May 2013

C-MROS Group exhibit at AP & E london Olympia for fifth consecutive year and have most successful show to date. Extensive leads with multiple airlines, prompting us to sign up for AP & E 2014.

March 2013

C-MROS increasingly looks toward DER, MRA and Part 21 repairs to help reduce costs for group members and customers.
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Future Events


Group Coverage


Group Coverage as per their 145 approval:


C1 - Air Conditioning and Press

C2 - Auto Flight

C3 - Comms and Nav

C4 - Doors - Hatches

C5 - Electrical Power

C6 - Equipment

C7 - Engine APU

C8 - Flight Controls

C9 - Fuel Airframe

C11 - Helicopters Trans

C12 - Hydraulic

C13 - Instruments

C14 - Landing Gear

C15 - Oxygen

C16 - Propellers

C17 - Pneumatic

C18 - Protection ice/rain/fire

C19 - Windows

C20 - Structures

D1 - Non Destructive Testing



C-MROS are continually looking for new opportunities to expand their working capabilities and welcome enquires from airlines with any aircraft type. As you will understand capability lists only reflect work that has already been performed by a workshop and does not include items that a workshop can potentially perform. Though some of the more complicated items such as avionics and hydraulics can take some time to set up due to specialised test equipment, rigs, CMM’s etc, some capabilities can be set up very quickly (composites, sheet metal and machining and plating fall within these categories). A better guide of capability is the ratings found within the approval certification and listed above..

Constantly looking to expand our capability range we want to work with airlines and can offer preferential rates for customers that bring new capability to our group of shops. Anything where you are experiencing a lack of repair vendors in the market place, problem repairs, slow turn times, we have the experience and technical background to enable us to assist you.


C-mros group general overview

Aircraft Coverage Boeing B737, B747, B757, B767, Airbus A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, BAe 146, ATR 42, 72, (HS125 / Citation)

Workshop Disciplines: Instruments, Radio, Radar, Electrical Systems, Generation, Hydraulics, Actuation, Oxygen, Extinguishers, Safety Equipment, Landing Gear Components, Fuel Components, Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Pneumatics, Composites, Sheet Metal, Structures, Airstairs, Flying Surfaces (Flaps, Slats, Spoilers, Stabilisers, Fairings, Cowlings, Winglets, Windows, Doors, Radomes, Hatches etc), Interiors (Seats, Sidewalls, Floor Boards, Crew / Passenger Seats, Interior Panels, Stowages, Hatbins, Trolleys, Galleys etc) Flight Controls, Machining and Plating.

Engineering/Maintenance: On Wing Repairs, Carpet Changes, Interior Inspection and Pick-Ups, Complete Interior Overhaul, Flying Hour / Power by Hour Contract Evaluation, Fixed Price and NTE Pricing Agreements, BER Avoidance Programs.

Added Value: Engine / APU Brokerage - Large Commercial Fans / Turbo Prop / APU’s, Source and Supply - Engine Component, Brokerage / Management / Source and Supply, Complete Aircraft Interior Refurbishment with collection and redelivery.

It's in everybody's interest to keep quality and service at a premium whilst keeping prices at a minimum.