Test Equipment

C-MROS Group R&D department offer an effective total solution to your technical needs. Experienced technicians with the ability to design, build and supply specialist test equipment, test stands/rigs, and tooling we can manufacture to your specific needs. Such equipment is either manufactured to OEM drawings, or if this is not available, they are designed and built using proven equivalency or reverse engineered. Constantly looking to improve the quality of equipment, we first build prototypes, soak test them prior to manufacturing finished equipment for onward sale.

Avionics Test Sets

test1 Completed Test Set, specific build for a customer’s requirement to test electrically operated brake valves test2 Completed Avtech 5145-1-XX Test Set for the testing of Audio Selector Panels

Prototype – D717-***-*** Battery Test Set

Past Soak Test, awaiting rebuild re-casing and engraving ready for onward sale.


Prototype – Monogram Toilet Timer Test Set

Past Soak Test, awaiting rebuild re-casing and engraving ready for onward sale.


400 Hz Inverter, partially completed, awaiting front panel engraving.

This in conjunction with the other members of the group means we can offer a wide range of tools, test equipment and GSE to meet with your test, repair and overhaul requirements.

General Tooling and GSE includes:

Wheels and Brakes


  • Brake Disc Flattening Half Hub Bearing Cup Machine
  • Tyre Deflators Seal Insertion for Wheel Hub Capsulation
  • Half Hub Bearing Cup Machine Drive Key Block Puller
  • Brake Spring Testing Machine
  •  Wheel Hub Compressor

Unique products for bush and liner removal

  • BushOut’ - a flexible system to remove bushes
  • ‘BushBaby’ - for removal of difficult bushes on flap carriages and undercarriages

BushBaby Application


Removal of bushes from an undercarriage yoke.


A larger lance assembled to the knuckle.


Testing the flow of water through the lance assembley.


The bushes are back to back and hence are difficult to remove.


Various lances are available to fit the appropriate bush above showing it connected to the knuckle.


Finally the lance removing one of the bushes.

Optical Prism (Larascope)

For inspection of transparencies around mounting holes, screen edges or machined rebates normally buried in the supporting airframe structure and more often than not covered on the external face of the aircraft by capping strips.



C-mros group general overview

Aircraft Coverage Boeing B737, B747, B757, B767, Airbus A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, BAe 146, ATR 42, 72, (HS125 / Citation)

Workshop Disciplines: Instruments, Radio, Radar, Electrical Systems, Generation, Hydraulics, Actuation, Oxygen, Extinguishers, Safety Equipment, Landing Gear Components, Fuel Components, Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Pneumatics, Composites, Sheet Metal, Structures, Airstairs, Flying Surfaces (Flaps, Slats, Spoilers, Stabilisers, Fairings, Cowlings, Winglets, Windows, Doors, Radomes, Hatches etc), Interiors (Seats, Sidewalls, Floor Boards, Crew / Passenger Seats, Interior Panels, Stowages, Hatbins, Trolleys, Galleys etc) Flight Controls, Machining and Plating.

Engineering/Maintenance: On Wing Repairs, Carpet Changes, Interior Inspection and Pick-Ups, Complete Interior Overhaul, Flying Hour / Power by Hour Contract Evaluation, Fixed Price and NTE Pricing Agreements, BER Avoidance Programs.

Added Value: Engine / APU Brokerage - Large Commercial Fans / Turbo Prop / APU’s, Source and Supply - Engine Component, Brokerage / Management / Source and Supply, Complete Aircraft Interior Refurbishment with collection and redelivery.

It's in everybody's interest to keep quality and service at a premium whilst keeping prices at a minimum.